Showing Certificate of Development (COD) Animals

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) has a process one must use in order to create a new breed or variety.

The first step is to obtain a COD from the ARBA. Once the working standard and COD is approved by the ARBA Standards committee the holder may then start preparing for their first presentation of the breed/variety.

As stated on the ARBA website: Effective February 2019 once the proposed breed/variety has passed the first presentation by the ARBA Standards Committee the proposed breed/variety is eligible to show at all ARBA Sanctioned Shows. Breeds/Varieties may also be shown by those who are not a holder of the COD but have/own the proposed animals. They may not, however, receive any awards (Best of Breed, Best Opposite of Sex, etc) until the animal is approved by the Standards Committee.

The Broken English Angora may be shown after all other English Angoras are shown. The standard can be found on the ARBA Website: . When entering these animals in a show, please indicate the variety on comment card as "Broken Exhibition". Once the Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed have been chosen, the Broken English may be exhibited.

Additional information may be found in the current Standard of Perfection.

The National Angora Rabbit Breeders currently has two new varieties working toward their COD, the Broken English and the Chestnut Giant.

English Angora Rabbit Breeders
Broken English
Chestnut Giant Angora Rabbit Breeders
Chestnut Giant
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