Wool-Skein-Garment Competitions

  1. Fill out one entry form per exhibitor and pay your entry fee (this is required 2 weeks prior to Nationals and Convention, check the show catalog for all other entry deadlines).

  2. Fill out ONE comment card per item. Comment cards are best printed front and back for a two-sided card.

    • For wool entries, only the top WOOL section is required (Class number and Name i.e. FRENCH FLEECE).

    • For skein entries, please complete the SKEIN Section- class name, number, fiber content, weight, prep, and techniques sections to the best of your ability. The more information, the better we can judge!

    • For Garment entries, fill out all of the above AND the GARMENT section- pattern and construction techniques.

  3. After judging, collect your items and awards. Awards are given by NARBC at the ARBA Convention and National Specialty Show for Best Wool, Best Skein, Best Garment and Best In Show along with ribbons in each class for 1st-3rd. Other clubs hosting a WSG Contest are required to provide awards for Best Wool, Best Skein, Best Garment, and Best in Show, but it is up to that club whether or not to provide additional awards or ribbons.

Presentation of Raw Wool and a Judges Guide to Wool-Skein-Garment


WSG Show Host Check List

  1. Apply for and pay your sanction.

  2. Starting on Page 2 of the Rules, that information must be printed in your show catalog. See Example show catalog HERE

  3. Print off the WSG Entry Forms and and WSG Comment Cards for people to use, or share them electronically.

  4. Collect and organize your entries. Have someone available onsite to help organize and answer questions.

  5. Judge your show

  6. After the finalization of the show, send your completed show reports to the WSG Chairperson within 30 days.
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